Blogger of the month: My Zen City

Zen on the water

Zen on the water

Month number two of Inspirez’s journey into the deep dark blogosphere, more to that we’ve been Tweeting, Facebooking, Pinterestering, Digging, Redditing and about five others ings that makes us more connected than a dangerously overworked electrical adaptor.
Views are increasing, more followers are following, likes are a plenty and our grammar might even be improving (slowly). We’re doing not bad at all,  in fact I’d say we deserve a couple of cold brewskies for our efforts. Pauses for cold brewskie.  Contrary to popular belief we are not here for self-gratification, today we are here to dish out our monthly dose of appreciation to a fellow blogger. As the title states this month’s honour goes to Laurie over at My Zen City.

As you will be aware, we are into inspiration in a big way here, so one of the reasons for this month’s award going to Laurie is the fact that she inspired one of us. Her comical post Fun Times showed a variety of individuals engrossed in their phones and not taking any notice of the world and people around them, this inspired me to dedicate one day of my life a week to becoming disconnected- which you can read about here.
The way I see it, Laurie, you have inspired one seventh of my coming life and  in our books, that’s pretty good going.

Inspiration a side, Laurie has created a fantastic blog which has been going strong since 2009, a veteran of the blogging game in comparison to our lowly two months. Filled with quirky tales that cheer up our day and crammed with thought provoking posts, her blog is one worth having a look, she has crammed a lot of good stuff onto that page so give it time and have a good snoop.

Keep up the Zen in the city.

4 thoughts on “Blogger of the month: My Zen City

  1. wow – thank you, thank you!!
    this brings a smile to my day and love to my heart – right on time, of course!
    peace, love & inspiration to you!

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  3. Life is good….finding not one but two great blogs. Not to mention the laid-back little frog, whose caption will ensure that “Smoke on the Water” will be playing in my head all afternoon. Many thanks!

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